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Chatham County, GA

222 W. Oglethorpe Ave, Suite 273, Savannah, GA, 31401, US


Chatham County Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Report Fraud, waste, and abuse

To the Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) program applicants receiving benefits, if you believe that you have been the victim of fraud, you should:

  1. Report fraud, waste or abuse situation to the Chatham County ERA Team by completing this form;

  2. Chatham County ERA Team will review and investigate the situation and if it is determined to be a fraudulent activity, we will contact law enforcement to proceed with further action and we will submit the report to the Office of Inspector General (OIG Hotline).

  3. If the reported situation it is not found to be fraudulent, the Chatham County ERA Team will keep records of it but not further action will be taken.


The Chatham County Emergency Rental Assistance program will, within the law, protect the identity of individuals who submit complaints. Identities will not be divulged unless permission is received from the individual, a legal process requires identification, or the individual acts in bad faith. While anonymous complaints are permitted, please note that limitations associated with the submission of an anonymous complaint will have an impact upon the investigation and resolution of the complaint, Chatham County will not be able to contact you and we may not have enough information to pursue your concern and you may not be able to find out if a case was opened, for that reason we are not providing that option. In addition, due to privacy issues, Chatham County ERA Team will not be able to discuss an applicant’s situation with you.

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Which type of fraud are you reporting?

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